Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Locked out!

I mean...
We have been locked out, our front and garage entry doors are up. Got an email last night from 'S' letting us know that the painter will be here this week and the cabinetry will start roughly on 23rd. We went out today, just in case the painter was there to ask if he would be able to seal all our walls (cash of course), but no-one was there. :( So we may have to try tomorrow.
Anyhoo since my last update, which was before christmas, not much has been done. (I will not forget that they did have holidays, and have really only been back 2 weeks. So putting it in proper perspective means that they are still going full steam ahead!) Since last update, we have had our internal completely 'white plastered' and boy does it make the house look so much bigger and light. We have found a couple of little things with the plaster, some scratches, a chunk of plaster out of the door corner, and a bit of a "wobbly" feel near the bottom of the door (found this while inspecting the missing chunk in the corner!) But all in all it looks pretty decent. We have been told, from a person who has built, that the plaster doesnt really show up how awful a job it is, until the paint goes on. I hope it isn't the case with ours!
Our ceiling has had all the joining fixed and smoothed, and the vents in the bathrooms/laundry been fixed in properly and our cornices installed. Our windows were installed, but left open (we had no doors at that stage) to air out the plaster smell. And our front was cleaned up, we didnt get enough of the bricks that they threw out, we were planning on bricking up the post for the alfresco as well as making a letter box. We may get the letter box made with what we have, but will have to purchase more for the alfresco post.
Today we found that all the doors are up internally, and there are shelves awaiting to be fixed in the pantry and wardrobes. And of course the entry doors are on, and windows shut and locked. All that is except one, it is for Mr G's study (activity room on the plans), it looks like it (or the frame) was not installed properly, as there is a gap at the top when the window is closed and it takes a fair bit of slamming for it to lock properly. We will need to get this fixed up, but not yet! At least we will be able to access the house on the weekends instead of being locked out completely. ;) Especially since they will be starting cabinetry very soon!

Picture time! (please excuse the date on the latest ones, my camera has a date issue!)


main bedroom recess (pre cornice)



Entrance with doors, not yet painted!

Bedroom...with doors

main bedroom with doors

The dodgy can see the top sliding part is 'gappy'

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