Monday, December 22, 2008

Another update!

Well it has been some weeks since I have updated… not because of a lack of progress. No, on the contrary, the building is going full steam ahead! My lack of update is because I went away for a holiday… back to Victoria to visit my family (in Bendigo) and friends. I spent 2 weeks away (well nearly 2 weeks, it was really 12 days!) and these past 2 weeks back at the old routine, with kids, cleaning, cooking and grocery shopping, add Christmas shopping into the mix too. Anyways Mr G keeps saying this update needs to be done, so here it is.... :)
During this time, a lot of things were done on the house, I will start with what was done first. Before I left, all the wood roof timber had shown up on site, and that was started on the 24th and it took 2-3 days to complete. A bill arrived while I was gone for “plate-height” progress payment. I had to sign it, but had no internet for email or knew anyone with a fax! After a bit of discussion, I decided to wait for a couple of days until I visited my best friend in another town; I used her email and faxed it off at the local PO. All done!! Just as I was leaving (after spending only 3days there :( ) I received a phone call from our CLO. Apparently the kitchen laminex is unavailable and I need to choose a new one. I explained I was out of state, she sent an email with 3 colour choices, which Mr G passed onto me. After arriving back with my family I then had to find a laminex showroom to check out these 3 colours, I was hoping that they weren’t too blah! Choices were: *white Valencia, *cotton craft and *pietra snow after getting small samples the salesman asked if I wanted to see them on a larger sheet. Cotton craft wasn’t available, which was a pity as that looked okay on the small sample, pietra snow was available, and on the sample it looked too busy with too much colour, but on the large sheet, the colours didn’t seem as brightnoticable, it looked quite nice. White Valencia had a light marble grain going through it, I chose the White Valencia it didn’t have as much pattern as the other and looked nice on the large sheet too. Just hope it goes with the licorice linea cabinets. Messaged Mr G back with colour, another problem was solved. Hopefully I won’t get a phone call later saying that the tiles are unavailable!
After the roof frame was finished, the guttering fascia and downpipes were installed; we do still have two in our WIR. The eaves, alfresco and garage ceiling have been plaster-boarded? The brickies came back and fixed up all those cracked bricks under the windows, the electrical chasing was done and wiring put in. The renderer has been and done his job, and the front is now not looking so shabby! :) The roof tiles were delivered with an email saying they will start on the 8th just after I arrive back home.


along back of house
chasing in walls
electrical wires

render...unpainted at the moment.

*This next part was written on Sunday, but had trouble with the site... so its a couple of days out of date!*

When I arrived home, it was great to see the progress on the house. Since coming back, the roof tilers’ have been and the roof is finished. The plasterers have finished the grey ‘float’ coat on all the walls and the plumbers have been and put in all the pipes and we now have our outside taps. The inside ceilings were fixed to the roof frame but haven't got the cornice in yet. I think the white coat of plaster will be done first. I dont think there will be anymore done on the house before the labourers break for xmas... Unless the joins in the roof plaster are done. *fingers crossed*
We also have our 'smart' electricity meter installed and the gas meter too.

I am not sure when the white ‘set’ coat will be started or when they add the glass in the windows or the doors, but it shouldn’t be too far away. W did say that they were hoping for the grey coat to be on before xmas, and that is well and truly done, he also said lock-up just after xmas, but if the grey coat is on, they may be at lock-up earlier than planned, will have to wait and see. Not sure whether it would be good to be at lock-up before the holidays or after. I guess if vandals are going to ruin the house they will do it regardless. Although I must say that when we drive around the estate, we haven’t come across anything that looks like vandalism at all….but then again, we haven’t been there when its holidays!!

More photos from the last 2 weeks:

roof tiles on
Front entrance

main bedroom... mostly grey coated no ceiling

fully grey coated and ceiling on
electrical and gas boxes *first 1 shut, then next 2 open :)
*I wonder why there is a power point in there

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