Monday, February 23, 2009

Painted and tiled.

Our painter has been, and given nearly everything that needs to be painted a nice fresh coat of paint. That is the ceiling and cornice in white and glossy white for the doors, frames and timber shelf mouldings. The front render has been painted in the required colours of jasper and dune and gutters been done in their weathered copper. I was quite worried about what it would look like, as seperately the roof tile looks like a deep chocolate colour when the sun hits it, but all together it looked more greyish black! I was thinking that I maybe should have gone for black gutters instead, but the gutters are now done and I dont think it looks too bad. Certainly not as bad as what I was picturing in my head! So I am at least glad that has turned out well. All the downpipes weren't finished yet, but the painter still has to come back to paint the door and seal our walls. The tiler has done his part (there is still some sealing that needs to be done) and we now have proper looking bathrooms! There is some parts that I am not happy with, but I guess we can fix up some of it when we tile the laundry and toilet...we'll just get extra of the grey tiles, it will mean a little bit more work on our (Mr G's) part but it will make me happy :). One part of the tiling I am going to want to get fixed up through builder, especially if the shower screen does not cover it up, otherwise I will always see it and be disappointed, the tiles dont line up and at the moment its very noticable.
Well thats about it, the plumber hasnt been yet and neither has the electrician. There doesn't seem to be much more left to do until we get a handover date. I just hope it starts moving again, as going out week after week and only seeing a couple of small changes (or none at all) is a little disappointing.
I dont have many pics to add as yet, and I want to add some of the bathroom pre-tiles, the gutters, and others, but you will all just have to wait for those.

Front facade all painted

Close up of the jasper

Ensuite bathroom

Close up of the feature tile

Main bathroom

The tiles go up to 2m...I can barely reach the pipe that the shower rose goes on. I should have lowered it.

At this stage I am going to make a list of some of the things I have seen that I am either disappointed in or will want to get fixed/replaced.
*Front door frame is cracked and small chunks taken out of the wood.
*White plaster, in some placess, have scratches and or chunks taken out, or not applied high enough.
*There are some deep scratches to window frames...some are small and not very noticable, but others are more noticable.... both inside and outside on the window frame.
*One window takes some slamming to shut properly, and appears to be crooked when shut.
*The tiling in the main bathroom does not line up and unless the shower screen covers it, it will look awful.
*Ceiling joins are noticeble in some places, looks like it wasnt sanded back smoothly.
*I would prefer the white tile under the ensuite cabinet to be the grey floor tile, this we will possibly do after hand-over. I personally think it looks silly being white.
*We have two 'cavity battens' (pieces of wood) that cover the cavity in the garage. At the moment they are white but hopefully will be painted.
*On our contract it states that splashback tiles to hotplate bench only is by owner after handover, but tiler has applied tiles to both sides of that bench, and just left the back untiled. They will have to be removed and plaster fixed up. (will post pic later that explains better)
*Dont like the white grout on the grey floor tiles, dont know what to do here as we didnt get a choice on colour.