Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lets play a game...

The game is called "Pass the Buck"!!
We followed up with the block a couple of weeks ago. Rang the council, who told us, that they can't inspect the estate (which is finished from what we can see and have been told) as the developer hasn't put in plans for the 'Public Open Spaces', for the releases that they have to check.
So then rang up the developer to find out what the hold-up is, and was told that the council are under staffed and/or haven't got time or resources at the moment to check it out.
So each are blaming each other..... who really is to blame? My guess.... council.
Anyways we got a letter saying that titles are going to be out... hopefully sometime in February... maybe later.....grrr!
Meanwhile our house base price is going up, another rise in February, and we cant lock the price in, not until titles are out. Anymore of this and we are going to have to say goodbye to our house and hello to something totally inadequate for our family.