Friday, December 21, 2007

Its that time of year......again.

Yes, yes Christmas is here once again..... *sigh* Not that I don't like it, it just comes up so fast... I am sure that just last week it was Halloween!! And, like usual, I am not prepared..... nothing like that last minute (c)rush to the shops to get everything!

So for everyone that is reading this, have a wonderful Christmas.

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Now down to the house stuff..... there is no news! *angry face* That is right, although everything is finished we haven't heard a thing, no titles yet. *another angry face* Dont know how long away they are either. Tried to call the Project Manager, but he wasn't in the office. We did however get a call from the guy who actually sells the blocks in the estate... I'll call him Mr W... to ask us who our settlement agency is, and details of bank stuff (dont know what, I didnt take the call!).
Mr G's reply.. "mr W, this is the 3rd time you have asked me this, I have already sent 2 emails out with all the details, and you were having discussions with our finance guy about all the other details, and you also have his details as I emailed them with the other stuff"
Mr W at this point must of actually looked at his computer to find the information, as Mr G reply was "yes that is the email". *eye-roll*
Now we have had people tell us what a moron this person was, has no idea what he is doing etc etc, I didnt believe them, until now. I hope he has done everything right regarding our block, because if he hasn't I will not be a very happy person.