Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Still waiting....

Yes still waiting on titles!!
After numerous calls to shire and project mananger, we were finally told "titles out by mid March" then a week or so later, we got a letter/apology for the lateness (something to do with re-doing the drains for 1 in 100yr flood, council didnt think they were good enough) and a discount.....$10k off the property price... I think it was a sweetener for the next line which read something like "Titles are scheduled to be released by April 30th."
I was not sure whether to go with the discount or try to find another titled block, but after a one-sided discussion that went along the lines of Mr G saying: "This is the block that I like and want!" I decided to give up my search (and kiss goodbye the bigger block I found in another close-by estate) and sign off on the letter to be returned so that the discount could be recorded. Anyways Mr G is happy 'cause the saved money will be going towards air conditioning, and I am happy 'cause I really do like the estate, (it also means that we have a little bit more time to fix this place up and we do need plenty of time to do that! ;) ).

Note: Mr G has just told me that he thinks I have just made him out to sound like a big bully!!! This is not true.
Although he did say what I wrote, and I did find a bigger block in another estate that was the same price, I think that the site works will turn out to be much more expensive there, due to it being "in the hills." so it is a mutual decision that we keep the block, but it was a one-sided discussion all the same.