Thursday, September 6, 2007

Its Birthday time....

Seeing as there is nothing happening with our land as yet, titles being a few months away and all, I just thought I would take the opportunity to wish our nephew a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! So Massie this is just for you.....
"Have a wonderful birthday today. 6 yrs old, what a big boy you are now. There is a card and present on its way, so be watching out for the mailman.... It should arrive sometime next week.
The kids wish you a great day as well and all hope you get lots and lots of presents.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Land Ahoy!

Yes.... we finally have land.

We put our deposit down on Saturday (yesterday), signed everything so there is no going back. The titles dont come out until Novemberish, (early/late/mid.... who knows!) so we just have to sit back and wait now.
We didn't end up getting the 600m2 block, that one sold just a couple of days before we enquired, instead we went for one that is 2 doors away, 540m2. The only difference is the width of the block, the backyard is still going to be the same depth, just the width is a little smaller. It was down to a choice of 2 in the end... I hope we made the right decision. This one has no easement at the back, close to a park and a footpath out the front.... The kids will no longer have to ride their bikes on the road.

The estate is nice with a brook running through the middle, as you can see from the photo.

The area along the brook also has bike/walking tracks and plans for bbq/picnic areas, too
The property directly behind us is owned by 'Stocklands', so I guess they will be developing it at some time. Will have to make enquires, but who too???

What I like about the estate is that they aren't selling heaps of blocks to investors, like the other estate in the same suburb. We get landscaping and fences included (YAY) and if we want to we can get the telstra "smart community package"..... which means we need to use them for fixed line (which we do) and also broadband (which we dont). We can also get foxtel bundled with it. 12 months of those 3 services free, sounds really good, but it means that we will lose the plan we have with out current internet provider, and as it is an old plan, we cant re-get it. That is the downfall......(well to hubby anyway).... I guess money will win out in the end, and how much we have/haven't got by the end of this experience.

The covenants all seem straight forward, no out-landish requests we can still have a garden shed, the house is more than big enough for the land size and I can have my hills hoist :) it won't been seen from the street (I dont think there is any wall big enough on the house to put one of the wall ones up anyhow)..... It also doesn't say anything about facades being the same or different, so I hope that is not a problem.

We have decided on the Ultimate house (Seaton IS278).....

This is what our facade is going to look like. Obviously this isn't ours, and the feature wall is not going to be that colour. I think it looks a little dull, maybe some"thing"on it, (but what?), would make it look a little better.

I have added a picture of the type of fence and the colour that the estate is installing.I would like the house to co-ordinate with it all. It says in the covenant about using "earthy" tones. Roof/gutter colour suggestions are welcomed, also suggestions for the front wall. As yet we are not sure if we will go with the tin roof or tiles yet. I am not sure of any dis/advantage over either one, but suggestions on this would be welcome too. :)
Well thats about all the news so far. When the area of our block is prepared I will add a photo or two.