Monday, January 26, 2009


Only a quick update today.....We visited the house on Sunday and to our surprise all the cabinets were in, ( we did get an email saying they would start ont he 23rd, but didnt expect them too as the painter still hasn't been). Our hole for the stove top has been cutout, and the sink was sitting on top of the bench, but no hole was cut, so that should hopefully be done on Tuesday. I can really see how low the microwave will sit now, but at least I will be able to reach in it, unlike before when it was just too high for me. We have a bath sitting in the family room, a trough and wood for shelves in the study, so they should hopefully be started sometime this week.
We were a little disappointed to see that the front door was left open though, and when we left we closed it behind us.
So heres the photos.....

ensuite and bathroom cabinets...the ensuite is the double :)

Close up of benchtop colour...white valencia

Floor tile for bathroom/ensuite. We will possibly get one the same or similar for the toilet and laundry. We have to do that ourselves.

Wood for teh shelves in the pantry and 3 robes. We have decided to get something spiffy for the walk in robe. :)


netadelle said...

Hey, I was wondering what colour are you cabinet doors? We have chosen the white valencia top with chocolate pear doors. Yours look great, I am hoping they are chocolate pear :)

JoJo said...

hi and thanks :)...our cabinet doors are actually licorice linea. Chocolate pear looks like a lovely colour.