Monday, November 10, 2008

Quick update.

Just a brief update today. Went out to the block, to see how much had been done, on Sunday. Most of the garage walls were completed and the 2 row of bricks down the side, behind garage towards the alfresco, and windows were placed. We seen some things that we didn't like. 1: In the garage some of the face bricks are facing the wrong way... not really a big deal, but surely they could tell the difference, and if they do it there who knows where they will do it next. 2: The garage wall was really rough in a couple of places, some bricks had mortar missing, and the back of the electricity box is showing. 3: On the study wall (behind garage) there are a couple of bricks that have been broken and subsequentially, just filled up with mortar. 4: The second course under the windows along the side are all cracked and facing the wrong way! We sent off an email with photos of the above mentioned, and we received an email back that day! Very effecient. The parts in the garage that were rough will be having piers in front of them as well as the electricity box,the bricks that are the wrong way- there is nothing they will do about that, and I dont think you will be able to pick it on the outside anyway. We were also told that the broken mortar filled bricks were common as they are getting covered over with plaster and it helps the grey-coat to stick. I guess I would rather have them filled with mortar, than nothing! As for the cracked bricks under the window, they will be replaced. As they are visible, someone with authority said that they will be redone, they agreed that it doesn't look so nice. All in all I was very happy that our questions were answered in a timely manner, and am happy that the cracked ones will be replaced. She even thanked us for sending the photos with the offending bits circled. What a wonderful lady S is. We were also updated on the progress, brick layer will be there for another 3 weeks, then the roof will be delivered along with piping/gutters etc. I will be sending her a thank-you email tomorrow to let her know that I appreciate the work she has done so far.
Hopefully the brickwork will be completed (or close to) when I go for my holiday, and on my return the roof will be finished.

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