Sunday, November 2, 2008


Our bricks have arrived! We were informed by our CLO that they were going to arrive on the 30 Oct, and that they brick layer was booked for the 5th Nov. When we went out on Sunday 2nd we seen that they had indeed arrived on time. The kids still aren't that interested and were too busy playing ball and chasey around the bricks to care. The photos show the bricks, the ones on the slab are the internal and the ones around the outside are the external bricks.
side view, garage closest, looking towards front door and main bedroom
front view

These are our external bricks...not sure about the colour they are different to what I imagined them to be, going by pictures and other houses, but they may look different as they are built and the mortar goes in between. I just thought they would have more of a colour variation to them.

Close up of external bricks

The electricity box, toilet and storage shed were also brought in sometime during the week. The kids seem to always need to 'go' while they are here....don't know why...surely the use of a portable toilet isn't that interesting!!

On Thursday 6th we again went out to the block, as the brickie was meant to be there Wednesday, so we thought that we might check it out to see how much progress he had made. Seeing as it was wet Wednesday afternoon, we didn't know if anyone showed up or kept away because of the rain. We were pleased to see that he had, in fact, been out Wednesday, not sure how long he was there for. The first row of external perimeter bricks had been placed and we have 2 half finished garage walls. Thursday was of course raining, today it's not... so we will see if there is any more progress on Sunday, when we again, venture out there. Looks like we will be making bi-weekly trips at least until the walls are up.

garage walls

bedroom recess looking towards front door
main bedroom looking down the side, towards back of house.

Close up of garage wall.

We also took up 'S' on her offer to meet 'W' our SS, he was meant to get in contact with us to arrange a meeting. So far we haven't heard anything, so may have to give 'S' a call and see whats happening...hope this is not the start of things to come... ie: slow to call etc

We rang up the developers during the week to find out about the back of the land. At the moment there is a ditch and a post and wire fence beyond that. Initially, as the land was getting developed we thought the back of our property would be forward of the ditch. Not so, we measured the length of the property on Sunday to find that it goes back to wire fence, which means the ditch is on our land, and cuts about 1.5-2 metres off our small backyard. I put the question to the forum, and was shown where the ditch is on the 'house-siting' plans, so it was there all along. Anyway after the phone call we have been told that the area will be covered in. The developers were waiting, as they didn't want to put in a retaining wall. The land behind us will get developed and end up level to us, only problem is I have no idea when it will be developed... not for a few years yet at least. They will send an engineer out soon to do whatever he does..there are 3 houses being built on our side so far (6 blocks total... until the rest of the area gets developed), that will need fences up sooner rather than later.


kexkez said...

Your bricks looked very sam-ish ( not a word I know) when they were in the pack but they look so nice layed! great choice. I love the variation of tones in that wall that has gone up already. Congrats on the brickies starting.

gong1959 said... your bricks - love the darker tone amongst the red !! Great choice ! Your house is going to look great !!

Me said...

Thanks kexkez and gong, I am starting to like the brick again after that little piece has been done...the variations are looking a bit better than they did in the pallet thats for sure.

BonTon said...

Hello JoJo,
we are also building with Ultimate in Helena Valley. Your blog is a great idea, it will help new buyers enormously, I wish I had found it sooner. Our house is at lock up with about 4 weeks to go till hand over. May I phone with a few questions about costs?