Monday, November 17, 2008

External finished...

On Sunday we made our bi-weekly trip to the block to check progress and all the external walls are up with windows and doors placed. The inner external brick was done also. All they need to do is finish all the internal 'dividing' walls, and robes/kitchen. And that will be the brickwork finished. Hoping they will finish by the end of this week, or the beginning of next week.
We were disappointed to see that the cracked bricks were not replaced, and now every window has cracked bricks under them. Yes thats right, every brick under every window is cracked! Just the ones the windows are sitting on. Not sure if they were cracked before, or after the window was placed on them. But it looks ugly, and it will be fixed. I dont care whether they think it is 'acceptable' there is not one other house built in the area that has the cracks in the window bricks. We will be seeing W on Friday and discussing it with him and see what can be done. Hoping he is a reasonable man and will fix it.

So now time for some photos...
Front of house

Inside main bedroom.

Looking from the back into alfresco/meals room to the left

Along the back and 2 bedrooms

More of those ugly cracks.

We went out again today...and part of the inside is done. 'Mr Brickie' said they should be finished by Friday. Hope so, as it is meant to be raining this weekend. Will post more photos and another update on Friday when we meet with W.

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