Friday, March 27, 2009

The end is near.....

We are at the end of the house build, and are now waiting for them to arrange the PCI. We had to cancel one already, as we got a call for it the day before... dont give us any advance warning! We wanted to get in our own inspector and let them know that. So after some phone-calls we found someone who was available, and he went through on Thursday 19th. He picked up some things...nothing major, mostly cosmetic stuff, but did say that our house was in the 'above average' catergory'. He puts houses in 3 categories... 'above average', 'average' and 'below average' so we were fairly pleased about that (thank you builders)!! :) So now we are waiting, from what I understand, they are going to fix the things pointed out first then have a least I hope it is the PCI and not handover. There is still an issue with the theatre and kitchen lights I want to discuss, and would rather they be fixed up over something like the render issue. (Nothing major, on the plan the render goes to the rainpipe...but on the house it stops a bricklength before it). If it is indeed the PCI that we need to have, they have just bought themselves at least another 3 weeks to fix things up...*this week since getting the report and the 10 days after the PCI, that still needs to be done, for anything else thats picked up.

The painter has finished the rest of the external painting and our garage door and flyscreens are installed as well as the shower screens and mirrors. I dont have a pic of the garage door yet... one of Mr G's work collegues lives in the same estate and informed us that it was on...
BUT our front door is finished and it really stands out!!

main bath shower with screen/mirror

ensuite with showerscreen/mirror

Front of house..doors and guttering painted, final coat on render.

Front door... up close

*Just noticed the guttering/fascia, in the last pic, the bottom part looks grey, but they are both the same colour.

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